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Updated: Dec 3, 2022

When it comes to decorating you feel youve out of options or dont know where to start and what you need for your space. We have come with a list of most popular home decor items that can do the work without going out of the way or break the bank !


Either prints, paitings on canvas or simply textured art, a wall art is a most in a wall an empty wall feels no soul to your interiors.


We cannot just rely on ceiling lights to illuminate our homes. Sometimes we forget the importance of lighting. Table and floor lamps cast softer light and reduce harsh shadows in our home — and they can be a decor piece in their own right! You Can handmade you lamp abajour with fabric or Jute rope


If you ask me, there’s no better way to get bang for buck than simply switching over your cushions. They’re a great way to introduce a new colour palette into a room or add more texture. My hot tip, switch the regular foam cushion inserts over to down inserts for a more luxe look and added comfort!


You know how obsessed we are with candles so this one was definitely going to be on the list! Candles add ambience to a home in a way few other decor pieces can because it works on our sense of smell. Look for ones made from soy wax and natural fragrances to avoid bringing toxins into your home.

Candle sticks or candle holders look great on your dining table. You can also work them into a vignette on a sideboard for that tall element 😉


Rugs serve so many uses in a home — they define zones, add warmth and can soften hard flooring. And when you have child in your home they become the center of play time. And when you use one with a bold colour or pattern, they can be like art for a room. Cotton and Handmade rugs add a special and personal touch to your home.


Glass or ceramic, metal or concrete, there is no limit if what you like ! Depending on the size and style of your vase, these can look fabulous as a stand alone item (such as an oversized vase filled with dried branches on a sideboard) or work into a styled arrangement beautifully.


Add that homely feel and display your personal interests with books. These look great in a bookshelf (obviously!), on a coffee table, bedside table and just about any other surface area you can think of.


Who can live witout one ? Bounce light around or create the illusion of a larger space with a strategically placed mirror. Or install one on too of a console table, at the entrance for a last look before going out of the house


You can never have too many indoor plants. Fact. And there’s never been a better range of stylish vessels to indoor plants!


Framing photos or printing them onto canvas adds personality to your home and is a way of putting your happiest memories on display. But there’s an art to doing it without going overboard.


It’s been a while since bookends have had their moment in the decor limelight and we want to do our part to shine a spotlight back on them! Forget traditional L shaped bookends that only serve a functional purpose when you can find some that are truly gorgeous decor pieces.


We’ve never met a basket we didn’t like! Big or small, in a natural weave or colour, these are fabulous at keeping smaller items organised. In the pantry, baskets are great for keeping packet food items together and in play rooms there’s no better way to organise kids toys. We use baskets in booksef styling, in bathrooms and just about every corner of the home. Get your hands on some!


A garland of timber beads or a wooden sculpture on the coffee table of a coastal style living room, a timber hand in a Scandi-style space, a timber sphere in a contemporary bookshelf, or a piece of drift wood turned into a beautiful timber sculpture, there’s no shortage of ways you can incorporate timber decor into your home. Timber is a natural material that adds a sense of connection to outdoors. It is also a great way of mixing up the type of materials you use.


A catch-all tray in the entry of a home is a styling essential we think everyone should have. Trays can serve many other styling uses though — some just for looks (like as a tray on your coffee table to anchor your arrangement) and as a practical tool (such as near your coffee station).


You know how much we love using smaller boxes, baskets and storage solutions to hide away items. Canisters are an often-forgotten one. You can find beautiful organic canisters made my ceramic artists or something more modern. Whatever style you prefer, these are a great item to have when styling. Place it on a bedside table to keep jewellery safe, in your office to store smaller stationery or in a kitchen vignette for rock salts or sugar.


Dry or aline flowers are trending in a big way. Featuring dried or preserved blooms, grasses, stems, berries and seed pods, they’re a stunning — and long lasting — way to bring texture and beauty into your home.


We know people went a bit macrame crazy a few years ago. In moderation, we still love a macrame wall hanging or hanging pot. Macrame particularly suits boho and eclectic style interiors but also looks fab in a coastal home.


Small decorative bowls are perfect for holding jewellery on your bedside table or acting as a salt pinch dish on your dining table, while larger bowls look beautiful in a cabinet or sideboard. You can also find stunning decorative plates that can be stood upright with a plate stand.


We have a serious obsession with ceramic pieces and who can blame us?! In brightly glazed or unglazed natural clay, there’s something so special about the handmade beauty of ceramics. Find a functional piece, such as a candle holder or bowl, or you could simply pick up a sculpture for arts sake.


If you’re creating a styled arrangement with a candle, a nice low element to use is a wick trimmer or candle snuffer. There are many styles and different finishes so look for one to tie into your theme.

That’s it 20 Decor items now go Decorate that special corner or space, if you want some advice don’t hesitate to contact us ! If you don’t find what you like here we can help you shop at local stores or Online.