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50 Ways to reuse a Small Vessel

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

When your buying a candle container, a tray or trinket bowl, here are 50 ways you can reuse your investment once your candle is burn or using your tray! Enjoy and so many more

1. Makeup brush holder.

2. Toothbrush holder.

3. Cocktail glass.

4. Pen/pencil jar.

5. Potpourri container.

6. Cotton ball jar.

7. Use it to plant a succulent.

8. Organize your makeup vanity.

9. Store your tea or coffee.

10. Paperclips.

11. Jar for matches.

12. A makeshift speaker for your phone (place phone inside empty jar with speaker facing down and jam!).

13. Eye Glasses holder

14. Nail polish storage.

15. Candy bowl.

16. Jewelry storage.

17. Paintbrush holder.

18. Stack your cupcake liners.

19. Bath bomb jar.

20. Bacon grease jar.

21. Glue stick holder.

22. Store homemade lotions and potions.

23. A piggy bank.

24. Dog treat jar.

25. Button collector.

26. Loose screws/nails in your garage.

27. Seashell collector.

28. Glitter storage for your mod podge projects.

29. Rubber bands.

30. Wine corks.

31. Sugar packets.

32. Hair ties and scrunchies.

33. Perhaps storage for what sanity you have left from 2020.

34. Homemade body scrubs.

35. Add a tealight for a quick dinner candle setting.

36. Make a hot chocolate gift for a neighbor.

37. Bobby pins. Omg They can get really messy!

38. Gift Container, instead of a box

39. Kitchen spices.

40. Use it to collect the souls of your enemies. Jijijij

41. Guitar picks holder for after your jam sessions.

42. An ice cream bowl.

43. Straw holder.

44. Collector for positive affirmations- jot them down on a piece of paper andread them when you’re having a hard day.

45. Kindling holder for your fireplace.

46. Date Night Idea Jar.

47. Dried herb container.

48. Glass jar luminary.

49. Storage for garden seeds.

50. A vase for flowers.

Now check our bowls and candles selection and pick your next multiuse vessel

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