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Nomad Life Design Studio is a full service interior design studio and home decor shop.
With our experience we can overcomes every problem, with our knowledge in working in different countries. Our creativity comes from different cultural backgrounds.
We are passionate about creating inspired residential interiors and boutique commercial for local and international clients. We believe in achieving balanced designs, that infuse spaces with comfort and character, a sense of calm and a timeless quality that will never go out of style.
In addition to interior design services, we also offer exterior design and Architectural Design Packages.
We can also help you with Home Staging and Furniture & Decor rentals ( Montenegro Only )
All of our Services can be provided Online.  
Furniture and Decor Sourcing
Do you own a property in Montenegro, but you don't know how to furnish or arrange it to rent or sell it?
We also provide furniture and decor procurement services for foreigners outside of Montenegro with real estate in Montenegro that they want to rent or sell. NLHD's product sourcing service makes finding your perfect piece a simple, stress-free process. We will visit your property and analyze the furniture and decoration costs, send you a purchase budget with less NLHD fee and get your property on track in terms of rental costs and living experience!
Here at Nomad Life we ​​are fluent in English, Spanish and French
For more information, contact us!

All our services can be provided online.
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