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Lovers of all things Handmade, We are totally passionate to bring you a unique and special interior decoration and goods very affordable for you and your home.

It all started as an online shop from our family home in 2022 and now the opening of our Brick and Mortar shop in the beginning of 2024. A 1 person team in Sales, Management, Marketing and Maker.

Our collection has been carefully curated by our in house architect Valerie who believe in key and unique items to make your home a cozy home wherever you are. You will find Boho-Scandi style, handmade home decor and goods from our artisans perfectly imperfect with a lot character for your home.

All our ranges are selected from local and international artisans focused on working with natural and organic materials emphasizing the slow-made production, an output that promote quality over quantity, which give us the opportunity to work more on a collaborative way with smaller suppliers. We source with intention and celebrate handmade products appreciating skilled craftsmanship.

​Our ethos is to create spaces that are beautiful and in harmony with nature. We strive to seek natural products and materials that did not harm any animal or the environment. We curate our clients loved items into each design, we are big on up-cycling, recycling and embrace the craftsmanship of objects made by hand by artisans from around the globe.

Our Nomad Life name reflects our journey of traveling and establishing in different countries or meaning you are a traveler at heart. That is why we offer affordable, handmade key items to provide you what you need without them being a hassle to take with you if you have to move again or simply you love this range of decoration.

In addition to our products, we also offer workshops hosted by our talented artisans, where you can learn new skills and create your own one-of-a-kind pieces. Keep an eye out for our pop-up artisan events, where you can meet talented makers and shop their latest creations. Shop with us and support the artisan community while adding beautiful, handcrafted items to your home. Visit us to find the perfect handmade gift or to join one of our creative workshops.

​We are totally obsessed with our collection so grab a cup of coffee and check us out !

Founder Nomad Life Home Decor

Meet the Owner

" Hello, my name is Valerie i am a professional architect, entrepreneur, a mother and wife, i am Haitian born, from Lebanese and French descendent and now Turkish married, i speak 4 languages and lived in different countries around the world, when i am not traveling i am based in Montenegro. With my multicultural backgrounds and travels, i became passionate for handcrafted and natural materials with a story to tell, as i found myself trough my travels and establishing in different location crafting my own home decor in a neutral palette to fit any style came to life NOMAD LIFE STUDIO, Ive decided to launch an online handmade home decor concept store and called it NOMAD LIFE cause it is my life throughout the challenge i confronted to find affordable decor without breaking the bank. In this journey I've also decide to help the small woman owned business handcrafting in their home from my community, HANDMADE IN MONTENEGRO they are able to tell their story throughout their work and provide lifetime home decor items and goods for your home. I am currently living a Nomad Life and i want to share it with you and help you find soulful items to fill your home throughout my journey. Thank you for supporting my small business and hope you like the Collection  "

Our Brand

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