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5 Must Favorite Materials for your Home


Linen is #1 must and one of our favorite fabric. It is one of the only fabrics that get better with age. Made from flax it is one of the oldest used materials in the world. For adding warmth, comfort, and softness to a house you won’t find a better fabric, than linen, it is also stronger than cotton. It lends itself well to dying and is a beautiful way of bringing soft natural colors into your home. As curtains, it lets light in beautifully. As cushion covers and bedding, it holds warmth and is super soft. Neutral color Linen brings sort of luxury, airy and comfort to your lifestyle, that let go everything is OK look that you don't need to iron to make it look perfect kinda way! Just the way we like it.


Terracotta is one of my favorite materials. It is un-glazed pottery which is left raw. Most terracotta is the earthy ochre color that we all know but it can be white or any color you want. A versatile material it is beautifully used as a floor tile, mugs, plates, vases, decor accessories where the richness of the color can be seen in a large expanse. Most people will know the material through plant pots but it looks great as an interior material where it added richness and texture.


Anything of wood adds a feeling of warmth and tactility to interiors. The fact that it is used in places where tactility is important such as flooring and cabinets shows how much people value it as a material. I love the natural patina that wood develops over time. I’m a huge fan of vintage timber that is full of marks and history. Different color wood is OK to use in your interiors don't be scared there is never too much wood !


We can never say no to 100% cotton ! This fabric is the most profitable fiber crop in the world. It is a material that brings with it a weight of history unlike no other. Cotton is a material that is incredibly easy to work with and manipulate. What is also the best combination is when it is mixed with Linen. I love the versatility of the material you can find it in rope, rugs, towels, cushions, sheets etc. Softness is 100% Guaranteed. It holds on to warmth and allows air in to keep things cool, it can be dyed and washed well-meaning it is the perfect product for home textiles.


Woven products add a delicateness to interior products. They are normally woven from natural materials such as bamboo, jute, seagrass and palm leaves. The nice thing about woven natural furniture is that it develops its own patina over time. Basketry is a staple of many communities all over the world. Materials used in basketry can be dyed which makes them really versatile. Check out our collection of rattan and macrame and discover the endless possibilities with woven materials.

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