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Workshop | Polymer Clay Earrings | Artisan : Sladja Glina Studio

With Sladja Glina Studio

When i first met Sladja was during one of my first Bazaar in Big Fashion Mall i loved her vibrant and funky style already ! We talked briefly with laughs and smiles. So much imagination into her earrings and that was 2 years ago.

When the decision arise to open a physical location. When i was noting all the artisans to start up Sladja was one of the first to enter our location and with the idea of bringing workshops from the artisan to our customers when i asked her she didn’t hesitate and even told she never did that before! I told her you can believe me.

We quickly coordinate a Date, created a post imagine the excitement and got booked in 4 days top.

Sladja first time hosting a workshop

We have an oven in shop to cure the creations and that you can take home with you. Sladja let you be free to choose and create with your own creativity. She guide you, tell you about her story how she started making earring and quit her everyday 9 to 5 job.

Material: Polymer Clay

A versatile other kind of clay in a smaller version and hard to the touch. You have to squeeze it several times to get it to a soft texture to start to shape your ideas. So many colors to choose from! You can choose neutral or be colorful like Sladja. She even has earrings in the shop to get inspired with. You can make up to 2 pair of earrings for you or to give. At the end of the workshops all your creations are carefully packed into a recycle box to take with you.

We are happy that we have taking our Sladja confidence and potential and now she realized how talented she is and believe in her much more now. We love helping our community and looking foward for more workshop activity with Sladja. You can also find several of her earrings models in the shop, she is one of our Best Seller of items handmade in Montenegro.

Don’t hesitate to book your group workshop… she is available and happy to teach you few tricks on how to unlock your imagination and creativity.

Either you want to spend some time with friends or bridal , birthday shower. Contact us we can set up the environments for you!

We welcome good vibes only and refreshments are served and sometime wine sipping depending on the hours you booked !

Find few images and videos of our workshops activities with Sladja

Some reels from Instagram

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