Candles & Soaps

Jelena is the face behind Vanilla Candle Studio. Despite the fact that she is a computer engineer by trade, she have always enjoyed handmade items and recycling. As a child, she sewed doll dresses, and as a student, she made jewelry and bags from vinyl records.

Then she had kids and had to put her hobbies on hold.

While looking for ways to recycle baby food jars on the internet, she came across an article about soy wax candles. That’s how she discovered that most candles sold in Montenegro are made of paraffin, which is harmful to both people and the environment.


Sense of smell is the most powerful of all the senses, because fragrances evoke memories. Lighting a candle may bring us back long-forgotten events. Her intentions are to evoke memories of childhood, traveling to wonderful places and moments spent with the ones we love.

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