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The Black Crayons / Meet the Artist - Laura Cremene

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Meet the artist behind this remarkable hand drawings portraits of the late Queen ... she will be missed !

Laura Cremene’s journey to become an experimental mix media & digital artist has been shaped by her multicultural background as well as by the endless influences she picked up by living in more than 7 countries.  

Trained as a fashion designer in Romania, Belgium, Italy and United Kingdom she has an informal approach when it comes to illustrating dynamic portraiture. Each image starts as an illustration, a visual coqui of a facial expression.

Her aim is to catch and expose the inner person of each subject.  She works on portraiture and fashion illustrations, some of which were published in Vogue and other local British fashion magazines. 

" What if art would rule the world? " is a question addressed to the world, a reflection on the current unsettled global circumstances where hope is still there to keep us wishing for a peaceful future.

"The Queen " is a homage to Queen Elisabeth II and a personal thank you note to the Queen of a country that gave her so much and indefinitely changed her as an individual. 

The prints are available on

A4- 21.0x29.7cm and A3 29.7x42.0cm.

Upon request the print can be done on bigger sizes on mat canvas base

Material: Fine art paper 160gr Canvas

Very talented artist and as soon we saw her works we wanted her has a seller in our shop we are promoting and emphasize handmade home decor and these arts were am absolute must for our concept store .

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