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Let us present you our first Collaboration since Nomad Life Home Decor launches.

As soon as i discovered Vanilla Candle Studio on social media i made contact Jelena and from day one our relationship started very strong, she is positive, very nice person and could speak English :) , she understood right away our goals and commitment.

Meet Jelena - Vanilla Candle Studio Owner

“ My name is Jelena and I am the face behind Vanilla Candle Studio. Despite the fact that I am a computer engineer by trade, I have always enjoyed handmade items and recycling. As a child, I sewed doll dresses, and as a student, I madejewelry and bags from vinyl records.

Then I had kids and had to put my hobbies on hold.

While looking for ways to recycle baby food jars on the internet, I came across an article about soy wax candles. That’s how I discovered that most candles sold in Montenegro are made of paraffin, which is harmful to both people and the environment.

Months passed until I finally could get my hands on soy wax, and when I made my first candles. I immediately realized that candle making is my dream job.

To be honest, it took up many candles before I made my first perfect candle that burns for a long time and has a subtle scent.

Without even a business plan even without having to consider the market or any other economic challenges, I founded Vanilla Candle Studio in 2017, the first in Montenegro to manufacture and sell natural wax candles. During that time, it wasn’t easy to explain the difference between my candles and those sold in stores, especially since the sense of smell is highly subjective and sales were conducted online. When I received positive feedback from my first customers, I knew I was on the right track.

In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness of environmental protection and eco-friendly products, and thus interest in my products. I try to keep up with global fragrance and design trends, and I still have a lot of ideas that I hope to put into action.

Sense of smell is the most powerful of all the senses, becausefragrances evoke memories. Lighting a candle may bring us back long-forgotten events. My intentions are to evoke memories of childhood, traveling to wonderful places and moments spent with the ones we love.

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