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Handmade Home Decor

Crafts of natural and organic home decor in a neutral palette to fit any Decor Style

Hello, my name is Valerie i am a professional architect, entrepreneur, a mother and wife, i am Haitian born, from Lebanese backgrounds and now Turkish married, i speak 4 languages and lived in different countries around the world, when i am not travelling i am based in Montenegro.

With my multicultural backgrounds and travels, i became passionate for handcrafted and natural materials with a story to tell, as i found myself trough my travels and establishing in different location crafting my own home decor in a neutral palette to fit any style, i created NOMAD LIFE STUDIO.

In my designs you will find a ethnic side of home decor with a lot of textures and organic shape and neutral colors, using natural material.

I want to introduce natural element into the home with layers and textures, a simpler way of living with a bohemian- Scandinavian style mix.

I am currently living a Nomad Life and i want to share it with you and help you find soulful items to fill your home throughout my journey. Hope you like the Collection  "


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