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Whimsical Map of Montenegro print

Whimsical Montenegro map is a limited premium quality Fine Art Print of Montenegro made by French artist Alexandra Aubertin. Her activities in various sectors have led her to visit every part of the country and meet citizen of Montenegro from all different environments and areas.

Whimsical Montenegro map is a visual interpretation of what Montenegro means to her and each tiniest detail has a story that you will discover and interpret in your own way every time you look at it. This limited edition artwork is a perfect souvenir gift for visitors of Montenegro as well as its residents!

Artist Alexandra Aubertin is living and working in Montenegro for over 7 years in the area of sustainability and resources preservation. She is living at the edge of a National Park and her homesteading lifestyle inspire her daily with the creation of her art works.

The print is manually packed in a thick cardboard packaging (made of recycled cardboard) and shipped by Post from Montenegro to its destination with a international tracking number that can be obtained on request.